Client Advisor

Mitchell Guesno

“BMW Genius“
Client Advisor
West Herr BMW of Rochester

“[West Herr] really does care, and they go the extra mile to make you feel like a valued employee. All of them, from the top down.”

All in a day’s work:

You don’t have to be a car prodigy for the Client Advisor role at West Herr. After all, Mitch Guesno said when he was hired as a Product Specialist, aka Genius for BMW, he knew next to nothing about the luxury vehicle. That all changed as he took on his role with West Herr. And now, as a Client Advisor, Mitch is using his learnings to help get customers into new cars.

“There’s never a dull moment,” he said when describing his typical workday. In fact, the day is anything but. Teaming up with another Client Advisor, Mitch and his partner Todd Harper, have pretty busy days. The duo has worked together for almost three years, selling about 40-50 cars monthly. “If we’re not delivering a vehicle, we’re responding to emails and making sure customers’ needs are met,” he said.

Making great relationships is one of Mitch’s keys to success, that and loving the product you’re selling. “I love the product. It’s an exciting vehicle to sell. People come in [to the dealership] and are super excited,” he said. “Plus, I’m meeting different people, so it’s never dull—it keeps things fun.”

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The Road Ahead:

Mitch has been a Client Advisor at West Herr for almost four years. And although he has worked his way up from Product Specialist, he is pretty content where he is. “I really like sales. I know all the customers, and I’ve known them for years since I was going through everyone’s car to pair up the tech [as a Product Specialist],” he said.

Plus, Mitch has the support he needs around him to succeed. “I love my team—and I mean the entire dealership. We have a really special store with the employees that are here. They make it easy to navigate sales,” he said. And he owes a lot of his success to his General Manager, Harley Lentola. “He’s been the number one guy in my corner. The support he’s given me, even inside and outside of work, has been unbelievable.”

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