Senior Sales Manager

Mike Schaefer

“The Doer“
Senior Sales Manager
West Herr Lincoln of Amherst

“There’s a pride you take for working for a company like West Herr because it does so much.”

All in a day’s work:

If you like to make things happen, joining people like Michael Schaefer should be your next career move. As a Senior Sales Manager, Mike has a “pretty structured” day filled with many things to mark off on his long to-do list.

On top of the countless appraisals he handles daily, Mike ensures vehicles are at the right locations and ready for potential buyers to see. He also coordinates with lot managers, sales managers and inventory managers to make sure everything is in place for West Herr’s many customers.

While sometimes outside influences change the structure of the workday, Mike and his team know how to keep rolling to do what needs to be done before the day’s over. Working together, Mike says the team is truly that – constantly bouncing on the opportunity to help each other out, no matter the task.

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The Road Ahead:

After 22 years at West Herr, Mike still has an appetite for more. “The plan is to be a GM one day,” he said. Until then, Mike is satisfied with the position he’s in. “I love the people I work with. That is my favorite part of coming to work. I see both employees and customers leave here with smiles on their faces.”

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