Assistant Used Car Manager

Matt Feskun

“Numbers Guy“
Assistant Used Car Manager
West Herr Chevrolet of Orchard Park

“Average number of steps taken per day: 20,000 – 25,000”

All in a day’s work:

If you fancy yourself a mnemonist and want to ensure you’re getting in all your steps daily, add Assistant Used Car Manager to your career to-do list.

While memorizing stock numbers isn’t mandatory for the position, Matt says it’s one of the benefits that comes naturally with his job, as he’s constantly moving (literally and figuratively) vehicles off the lots and to other West Herr locations. No wonder he’s hitting at least 6,000 steps by the time his colleagues arrive for the day.

His schedule usually starts early, when it’s quiet, and he can fully tap into that steal trap of a mind he has. He’ll take photos of the vehicles traded in the previous day, drive them to where they need to be, make sure they’re priced and merchandised correctly, get them to service if required, then list them online. And he does this all before lunch!

His ability to move vehicles also helps him build relationships among the West Herr network, as he’s working with the various locations to get them the inventory they need.

If you’re ready to take the steps needed to succeed as an Assistant Used Car Manager, apply today.

The Road Ahead:

Matt has been with West Herr for more than seven years. He began his career as a lot manager and moved up through various positions to get where he is today. On slower days, he’s moving around 10 vehicles, but when the cars come rolling in, he’s moving about 30 vehicles per day!

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