General Manager

Mark Caruana

“Team Leader“
General Manager
West Herr Chevrolet of Orchard Park

“I could do this job and be completely happy the rest of my life.”

All in a day’s work:

Leading by example. Keeping an open door (and open mind). Wanting to be involved. Do these sound like characteristics that describe you? If so, then maybe you should apply to be a General Manager.

In a position where no two days are the same, GMs like Mark are able to find and keep a balance on things. Sure, the daily schedule ebbs and flows depending on a number of factors, like internal group meetings, one-on-one discussions, addressing customer needs and more, in addition to the administrative work and policies that come with making sure everyone’s on task moving the business forward. Bottom line – there’s “a lot of everything” when it comes to being a General Manager.

And part of that role is “hiring really good people who are willing to learn and work hard.” Surrounding yourself with these people, Mark says, is the key to creating a community of respect and camaraderie in the workplace.

If you’re ready to do little things along with the bigger things that help support a growing team, apply for a General Manager position today.

The Road Ahead:

After 17 years on the job, Mark appreciates and understands what it takes to maintain a good work/life balance for both himself and his colleagues. He says no one works “for” him or Scott Bieler, for that matter. Rather, they work together as a team. And after moving up the ranks from lot manager to sales assistant to inventory manager to sales consultant to finance manager to sales manager to used car sales manager to GM, it’s safe to say Mark has seen just about everything. While he thinks he can do this role for the rest of his life, being a sales director and seeing where the car biz takes him is what keeps him motivated. For now, though, Mark stays focused on building relationships with his team and thrives on watching them grow.

Get where you want to go. Apply today.