Sales Consultant

Kelly Hartway

“Relationship Consultant“
Sales Consultant
West Herr Ford of Hamburg

“I feel like I always have a place here. [West Herr is] very loyal to their employees.”

All in a day’s work:

If you’re a people-person looking to build life-long relationships, a Sales Consultant position may be just what you need. Sales consultants like Kelly have both the people and the organizational skills to make it through the ever-changing, high-paced days at the dealership. It’s more than just crunching numbers and test drives, though. It’s truly getting to know your customers. Building solid relationships and watching her loyal customer base grow is what drives Kelly–while the effort she puts towards these relationships drives her customers back through the door every time they or a friend needs a new vehicle. “You have to see the opportunity in every message from a prospect,” she says. And while days can sometimes be “hectic,” with changes to her schedule coming at the spur of the moment, Kelly is always up for the challenge, staying on her toes and arming herself with a daily to-do list. This seemingly trivial task helps her go with the flow while still getting down to business. If you ’re ready to take your relationships to the next level, apply for a Sales Consultant position today.

The Road Ahead:

Kelly has been with West Herr for more than 18 years. She followed her mother’s footsteps, breaking barriers in an often male-dominated field to become a distinguished sale consultant. Her drive doesn’t stop there, however, as she would like to advance to an executive trainer one day.

It’s time for a new relationship. Apply today.