Used Car Manager

Joe McEachin

“Joe Business McEachin“
Used Car Manager
West Herr BMW of Buffalo

“West Herr is like going to the big leagues. Other [auto companies] are more like junior colleges,versusWest Herr,who is like the NFL.”

All in a day’s work:

Inventory. Service. Auctions. Sales. If you’re looking for a job that works with just about everyone, check out a position as a Used Car Manager. In an “ever-going job” like this one, Joe says there’s never much—if any—downtime. He says his day usually begins before everyone gets there. He starts with inventory, making sure it’s showing well both in the lot and online. He then heads over to the service and detail departments to touch base on the vehicles that need to be prepared for that day. Then, he works with the lot manager to get cars priced accurately. And finally,he assists the sales team in helping find the right vehicle for each customer. It’s all in a day’s work for Joe, though, which is why it may say “Joe Business McEachin” on his business cards. At any moment, he’s ready to think on his feet and help negotiate a deal, refresh the inventory, appraise for trades and convey which options are available to deliver a car, all while immersing himself with anything else that may come up on any given day. Joe is unphased by his workload, saying it’s all about having a connection with his team and customers. If you’re ready to get out from under a desk and start building relationships, apply for a Used Car Manager position today.

The Road Ahead:

Joe has been with West Herr for 15 years. He knew early on at the auto group that things were different. “When I lost a grandparent, the second call was from Scott. The first call was my mother,” he shared. “[Scott] doesn’t have to care,but he always grabs a few moments to catch up [with his employees].”And Scott’s commitment to his employees carries through their entire careers. “The options are endless. You can put out there what you want to do,and [West Herr] will give you the opportunity to do it,” Joe said.

Limitless opportunities await. Apply today.