Pre-Owned Inventory Control Manager

Emma Chynoweth

“Stock Number Aficionado“
Pre-Owned Inventory Control Manager
West Herr Chevrolet of East Syracuse

“Ask me about any car we have on our lot, and I won’t have to look at my notes. I know where everything is at all times.”

All in a day’s work:

The difference may be in the details if you’re looking for a position as a Pre-Owned Inventory Control Manager. Because employees like Emma seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to the vehicles on their lot. “I’ve always been good with numbers and memorizing things. Now, when I’m talking about a car, I know exactly what and where it is,” she said.

It’s not just about knowing the inventory inside out, though. Emma is front and center when it comes to processing trades, taking odometer readings, and updating the listing system and the website for said listings. And along with processing the trades daily, she also processes leases, all while focusing on the little details to make the listings as accurate as possible.

“It’s a very tedious process. The mileage has to be accurate. There cannot be any mistakes. When it comes to my job, the details matter,” she said.

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The Road Ahead:

Emma started her career with West Herr as a title and billing clerk. She said this position has helped prepare her for the role she’s in now. “Knowing the backside and how to bill a deal has really helped me immensely,” she said. And while Emma’s able to rattle off vehicles and numbers instantly, she says she’ll never be content without learning more. That’s why she’s currently learning how to do appraisals. “I’ve been working with my sales managers to appraise vehicles with their help. I do most of the process with them by my side, and they’ll place the final number on the vehicle.”

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