Automotive Technician

Chelse Pries

“The Car Doctor“
Automotive Technician
West Herr Kia of Orchard Park

“I know I made the right decision with a job at West Herr. This is where I want to be in life.”

Most memorable day on the job:

“One customer said her car smelled. So I took out a part, and a slew of dog food fell out from a squirrel storing food near the engine.”

All in a day’s work:

If problem solving, hands-on activity, and a little bit of dirt don’t scare you, you may have what it takes to be part of the West Herr Service Department. Our Automotive Technicians, like Chelse, know how to find the right solutions to what our customers’ vehicles need.

It’s more than just oil changes and tire rotations (which you’ll be able to do with your eyes closed, although that’s not recommended), you’ll explore and diagnose issues as they come at you. No two days in the garage are the same. As Chelse says, most days are “crazy,” but “not in a stressful way.” She says it’s more like a “good crazy” that gives each day fun challenges to solve. But even in this crazy atmosphere, Chelse says the garage is unusually quiet. That’s because Chelse and the team of hard workers are doing just that—working hard.

They don’t just get down to business, though, they’re there for each other, too. Chelse said she’s created life-long friendships with her co-workers, many of whom she would’ve never spoken to if she hadn’t met them at West Herr.

The Road Ahead:

Chelse came to West Herr in 2019 as a Lot Attendant after completing the 14-week co-op program at Erie Community College. And while she’s flourishing under (literally!) two-ton vehicles, Chelse is keeping her foot on the gas, as she wants to pursue a career as a Service Manager in the future.

Apply to be an Automotive Technician today, so you can tell your parents you’re a doctor—a car doctor.